Song of the Day


donavan: Only on a Wednesday. Oct 13, 2021 6:21:50 GMT
Introvertigo: It is known as Hump Day, after all. Oct 13, 2021 15:24:32 GMT
Mare: One camel or two? Oct 13, 2021 18:37:53 GMT
Introvertigo: No, thanks, Mare--I don't smoke. Oct 13, 2021 21:34:13 GMT
donavan: I think she meant toes. ðŸŦ Oct 13, 2021 23:19:12 GMT
Mare: I meant camel or dromedary. P-) Oct 17, 2021 0:06:43 GMT
donavan: OK, don't take the hump. Oct 17, 2021 2:03:04 GMT
Mare: Have a Day, everyone! <3 Oct 17, 2021 15:57:09 GMT
donavan: Happy Monday ! 🙃 Oct 18, 2021 12:08:42 GMT
Mare: I have always said things other people only thought...I got laughter and me, too! as reward. Sometimes, though, I felt regret about what I had brought to the surface. Is that my lot in life-to be an instigator? Oct 21, 2021 17:17:07 GMT
donavan: It doesn't matter because you have been cancelled. Go figure. Oct 21, 2021 23:04:17 GMT *
Mare: Who cancelled me? If it was me, then it is a moot point, because I am reinstating myself. If it was someone else, I cancel them back. Oct 22, 2021 16:20:48 GMT
donavan: Don't you just love Cancel Culture? 😃😄😁😆😂ðŸĪĢ😅😀🙂🙃😉😛😜ðŸĪŠðŸĪ­ðŸĪ”😷 Oct 24, 2021 13:45:49 GMT
donavan: 👌 Oct 25, 2021 0:15:52 GMT
Mare: Prejudice is Prejudice. Name calling doesn't change that fact. Should we stop trying to correct a long term wrong just because some people accept what is abusive as normal? I think not. Oct 25, 2021 18:22:53 GMT
bluedemon25: yay here comes another disastrous storm.... Oct 25, 2021 23:43:54 GMT
bluedemon25: I mean literally. Nor'easter coming through Oct 25, 2021 23:57:57 GMT
Mare: Duck and cover, ! I hope all is well for all those in the storm's path! Oct 26, 2021 4:30:45 GMT
donavan: It's quite balmy here for the time of year. Oct 27, 2021 22:31:14 GMT
bluedemon25: seem to have made it through without damage and importantly without loss of power Oct 27, 2021 23:53:17 GMT